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The Bethel Baptist Church had a very humble beginning. In 1864, Rev. Randolph Beach, who was baptized in the white church, was given an opportunity to build a brush arbor church on Mr. P.G. McDonald's land. Deacons William Cobb, E.D. Brown, Sandy Nealy, and Adam Lewis cooperated with Rev. Beach and built the brush arbor church. They cut logs and rolled them together for seats. This building was called Bethel.

During the first year of the brush arbor church, Rev. Beach and the members purchased the one acre of land on which the church is now built from Mr. Rich Smith. Rev. Beach served as pastor until his death.

About 25 ministers have served as pastors of Bethel over the 158 years (1864-2022) of its existence.

Reverend Randolph Beach

1864 - 1882

Reverend Nathan Brown

Reverend Daniel Amica

Reverend Nathan Brown

Reverend Amos Reid

Reverend J. Winn

Reverend D. H. Harris

Reverend E. C. Cummings

Reverend Johnson

Reverend T. H. Minor

Reverend S. P. Miller

Dr. C. S. Wilkins

Reverend J. G. Lane

Reverend T. H. George

Reverend W. W. Weatherspoon

Reverend J. H. Ponder

Reverend A. J. Kurtz

Reverend N. B. Wright

Reverend R. B. McTier

Reverend M. M. McTier

Reverend Reeves

Reverend W. J. Reynolds

Reverend P. E. Davenport

1949 -1955

Reverend Moses A. Lee

1957 - 1998

Reverend Dr. Bobby G. West

1998 - Current

The current pastor is Rev. Dr. Bobby West, a member of Bethel since the age of five years old, and he was ordained as a deacon at Bethel in 1979. He and his family serve as faithful members ministering not only to the church inside the walls of Bethel but to the community at large through outreach activities.

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